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CMS Recovery Medicaid Audit Contractor Final Rule

The State of Alaska Medicaid RAC contract was signed in May 2012 and awarded to HMS. The contract is a multi-state joint contract with Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Utah.

The State of Alaska Medicaid RAC Audits are Projected to Commence January 2013.

HMS data analysis extends to all provider types, including hospital inpatient and outpatient, pharmacy, dental, long term care, hospice, and behavioral health. HMS will be paid on a contingency basis. Although HDI will perform Medicaid RAC audits in Alaska, Myer’s & Stauffer will continue with their current Medicaid billing audits.

Medical Necessity
DRG Billing & Coding Issues
Quality of Care
Coding and Clinical Review Patterns
Appropriate Setting
Overpayment Review (overpayments must be returned in 60 days)
Immediate Focus on High Expenditure Providers (hospitals)
Individual Services versus Bundled Services
Peer Reviews

Review financials for ALL Medicaid eligible residents in facility.
Initial review period is 2-1/2 years with a six month look back since inception.

“Rural hospitals are at risk,?NRHA senior national vice president Brock Slabach told RAC monitor, “the entire rural (hospital) infrastructure is beginning to deteriorate?

…Like the Arctic Tundra, once it’s gone, it’s gone.?/I>

Alaska providers are now subject to Medicare and Medicaid RAC audits as well as separate state and third party billing audits. Unlike large hospital (over 300 beds) systems elsewhere that can sustain the siege of government audits or significant volume fluctuations; the smaller Alaskan facilities can face extreme operational hardship if they encounter large audit paybacks, a decline in utilization, or a substantial number of outliers.


CMS recovery Medicaid Audit Contractor Final Rule

CMS published the Final Rule expanding the Federal Recovery Audit Contractor program to state Medicaid agencies. The regulations were effective starting January 1, 2012.

The State of Washington Medicaid Rac Contract was signed in May 2012. CGI will conduct audits and support the work of the Health Care authority staff in compliance with the Final Rule Regulations.

State of Washington Medicaid RAC Audits Began on October 1st, 2012

The State of Washington has recently signed a contract with CGI to perform the Medicaid RAC audits. CMS announced that CGI will begin the Medicaid RAC Audits in the State of Washington on October 1st, 2012. CGI intends to start their Medicaid RAC audits with the Critical Access Hospitals.

Listed below are some of the significant highlights that will be addressed on the audits:
  • High focus for critical access hospitals inpatient claims include:
    • Short stay /observation
    • High dollar claims
    • Medical necessity
    • Correct coding specific to Washington Medicaid codes
  • The Rac auditors will perform both desk audits and site review audits.
  • Providers must send in records within 30 days of request. CGI must respond with preliminary findings within 60 days.
  • CMS encourages providers to update their contact information.
  • Provider Assistance and Online tools will be provided, including an HCA/Washington RAC Online Portal.
  • Provider can also access and review their audit finding status by going to
  • CGI auditors have selected July 2010 as the claims look back period.
  • Providers may request an exit conference where CGI will provide summary level findings.
  • CGI will issue the following letters: medical records request, preliminary review results, final review notice, and informal dispute response letter.
  • One of the new target areas outlined in OIG 2013 work plan is critical access hospital’s payments for swing bed and long term care services.
  • Providers can appeal within 28 days from the date of the final review results.

Critical Access Hospitals are now subject to Medicare and Medicaid RAC audits as well as separate state and third party billing audits.

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